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  • The apllication of admission will be accepted only in the form prescribed by school.
  • No admission will be done until the student passes the test conducted by the school authorities.
  • Only registration of candidates does not guarantee admission as it depends upon availability of seats and selection procedure of the school.
  • The age of the child should atleast 3 years at the time of admission in Nursery class.
  • The cases of the wards of the parents transferred to this place may be considered in transfer quota during the running session provided that they give sufficient proof of their transfer and their wards pass the admission test.
  • Every candidate for admission must be introduced by a letter, or in person to the Principal, by the one responsible for the child. The application must be made in prescribed form.
  • Transfer Certificate must be produced by all candidate from the School last attended.
  • If a child is admitted during the month, fees for the whole month have to be paid.
  • If a student is required to leave the school in the middle of the year when the admissions are closed fees for the remaining months will be paid.
  • No transfer certificate is issued by the school until all dues to the school have been paid in full.
  • A pupil failing in a class twice must discontinue her studies in the school.
  • Date of Birth and name which is given during the time of admission will not be changed.